Debtor's Inheritance, 2007

Debtor’s Inheritance was commissioned for Greenmachine, a multi-media based exhibition on the grounds of the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education in northwest Philadelphia.  My project combined folk art and SMS technology to create 12 interactive stations along the walking trails at the Center.  Whimsical arrangements of hollowed and painted gourds demarcated the stations where visitors were given codewords to text to the Debtor’s website and in return receive text messages that layered local history, ecology and personal interpretation.  I envisioned the gourds as whimsical liaisons who relayed these messages to create a portrait of the Center as a living site that embodies the struggle between progress and preservation.  P'unk Avenue design studio created the SMS component for the project.  

This video documents the making of Debtor's Inheritance.  Greenmachine was Curated by John Murphy of InLiquid, and included installations by Keiko Miyamori, Katie Murken and Chris Vecchio. Video documentary by Vincent Romaniello: