Studio snapshot: The Art of Proposing


I’ve recently had the chance to step back from a newly completed body of work to consider how I want to share it with the world.  One opportunity that has intrigued me for many years is the In Practice program at SculptureCenter in NYC.  I visited the space in early June and decided to put together an application for the 2018 open call.  The In Practice program supports emerging artists and curators in creating new work for exhibition at SculptureCenter.  I am interested in expanding my new work Array to create site-specific installations and when I visited SculptureCenter I felt a strong resonance with the lower level spaces, particularly the arched concrete corridor that resembles an underground vault.  My Array sculptures explore the tension between secular and sacred through the transformation of shopping bags into stained glass and a similar duality is present in the lower level spaces, where contemporary art is displayed in an environment that resembles sacred architecture.  The process of creating a site-specific proposal has reminded me how valuable it is to envision my work in relation to new spaces and audiences because it allows me to expand my interpretation of the work and to consider how I can create the most impact within a particular context.  I would be so excited to have the opportunity to create this piece for SculptureCenter, but sometimes just proposing an idea can open my mind to new ways of imagining my work in the world.