Artist Statement

Through a transformative working process I strive to elevate humble materials into majestic works of art that reveal the strange and complex beauty intrinsic to all things.  I work with found objects that are unremarkable, easy to acquire, and familiar from everyday life in a consumer culture.  Plastic bags and phone books are mundane, even repugnant, yet for me they speak to the common aspects of human experience.  The challenge to transform these objects into meaningful visual statements is what drives my process.  I gather potential materials from my travels and day-to-day life and for each project I develop a unique process that is based on the essence of the material itself.  I use simple techniques derived from craft and folk art to physically deconstruct and give new shape to my materials.  My process is a balance of structure and intuition — while my methods are direct and systematic, I keep things intuitive by incorporating discoveries and streamlining my ideas along the way.  The result is contemporary mixed-media art that surprises by showing that beauty can be created from anything when you are willing to see the world around you in a different way.